'On Land and at Sea, Integrity is our most critical asset'

Taking Oil & Gas Services to a New Level

Here, at Rig Integrity Global Services, we are focused - everything either revolves around or comes back to one of those first two words in one way or another... in the acronym for our name, RIGS, and, of course, INTEGRITY, which represents not only what we do but how we operate, both on a personal and professional level. From start up surveys, to wells project management, to rig training, to well control solutions, we help your project run more smoothly. Ushering in a new standard of operational excellence and rig integrity...

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Some of our Core Services:

About Our Leadership

Our MD has two decades of experience as an international consultant in project engineering, safety, security, service company, EPC, and operator (O&G) roles.

How we can help your next project succeed.

New technologies and nuances in rig design, drilling techniques, and project execution mean that more rounded leaders are needed.

"The value of a cross functional O&G Operational Safety Advisor will be significant to contractors and operators alike in the near term and future, as we continue to expand to more challenging environments. The O&G Operational Safety Advisor should have the ability and emotional intelligence to not only be an effective field supervisor capable of communicating across all cultural groups, but should also possess the technical knowledge to assist senior management and key personnel with engineering challenges that present themselves during drilling or production operation phases."

Providing Oilfield Services Globally

There isn't a special project, critical operation or site survey in the world that we are not capable of handling. We bring broad based, hands on international experience to the table in a way that is tried and tested, and refreshing at the same time.

Our clients love us, this enables practical information sharing to continue long after a project is finished. This way we can truly keep our finger on the pulse (and so can you!)

We Also Specialize in:


Operational and asset integrity services for all types of energy asset installations. Both land based and offshore

Well Control

A full spectrum of well control equipment/procedure surveys. We also conduct audit services.


You are in safe hands with our emergency management and crisis contingency services.


(Simultaneous Operations) Co-ordination, Programs and Courses.

This Business Started the Right Way

"Service and value mean nothing if we don't have something we believe deeply and intensely in, and stand for. Even if I don't make one cent from this people will know what I stand for. Those who have worked with me around the world know this also..."

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A Complete Commitment to Integrity

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